Carpentry & Foundation

Wish Building Group Ltd is an established company with a good reputation as an innovative and effective supplier all kinds of high quality foundation, carpentry and contracting services delivered on time, on budget and to customer standards. We assist our clients to organise the surveyor, engineer, plumber and Council inspection through pouring the foundation to stripping the formwork. This is based around a proven knowledge of the industry, combined with dedicated staff and a strong and highly dedicated management team.

Concept Design & Building Consent with Construction and Project Management

Our knowledge and experience in Concept Design and Building Consent give us the ability to assess and design site-specific details for inclusion in a building’s design to ensure building code compliance. Help to organize in bringing the right people together for your project, will avoid any unnecessary delays and control the cost to maintain forecast profit expectation

Resource Consent Subdivision

We assistance with Topographical Survey, Resource Consent Application, Engineering Design and Consent Application, Building Consent Application include Public Drainage, Demolition & services, Vehicle Crossing Permit application, Setout & Supervision of Driveway/Road Construction works to Council.

Building New Houses

We are a one-stop-shop for all homeowners and investors. We build a range of modern and exciting custom homes. we build luxury homes, multi-level homes, townhouses, single-level homes, and apartments.

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